Email Disclaimer

Capitec Bank Email Disclaimer

All emails sent from and received by Capitec Bank are subject to the disclaimer below.

  1. This email and any accompanying documents contain confidential information which is the property of Capitec Bank Limited (“Capitec Bank”) and relates to official business of Capitec Bank. This information is confidential and protected by law and any unauthorised disclosure and/or use may result in criminal and/or civil liability. It is intended solely for the original intended addressee.
  2. Access to this email by anyone other than the addressee is unauthorised. If you have received this message in error or if you suspect that the message may have been intercepted or amended, please delete and destroy it immediately and notify the original sender.
  3. Any unauthorised reproduction, dissemination, copying, disclosure, modification, distribution, publication and/or use of, or any other unauthorised action taken based on this email message or its attachments, or omitted in reliance on this message or its attachments is strictly prohibited and may be unlawful and an infringement of copyright.
  4. No employee of the bank is authorised to conclude a binding agreement on behalf of Capitec Bank by email and nothing contained in this email shall be construed as a legally binding agreement or an offer to contract.
  5. The integrity of email transmission across the Internet cannot be guaranteed to be secure and error free and messages sent via this medium are potentially at risk. No representation or warranty, express or implied can be given that this email is free of any error, virus, interception, corruption and/or interference. Capitec Bank cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of this message as it has been transmitted over a public network.
  6. Neither Capitec Bank nor any employee of the bank accepts any liability whatsoever, to the extent permitted by law, resulting from this email. Without derogation to the general nature of the previous provision, neither Capitec Bank nor any employee of the bank shall be liable for any of the following:
    • Errors or omissions in the contents of this email which arise as a result of email transmission or any data or information associated to this email that has become corrupted
    • Indirect, special, consequential or direct damages or loss, including, without limitation, any loss of profits, business interruption, loss of programs or other data on information handling systems or otherwise resulting from this email and the opening of this email or attachments and/or the use of information contained in the email and/or attachments
    • Email that does not reach its intended recipient
  7. No email correspondence sent to Capitec Bank shall be deemed to have been received until Capitec Bank has responded thereto. An auto-reply shall not constitute a response for purpose of this clause.
  8. Return email messages indicating that your email has been blocked by Capitec Bank’s virus detection and/or filtering applications shall not be deemed to indicate that Capitec Bank has received your email. Capitec Bank reserves the right to block emails that seem not to be work-related.
  9. The views expressed in this email are, unless otherwise stated, those of the individual sender and not those of Capitec Bank or its management unless clearly stated as being that of Capitec Bank.
  10. The email address of any employee of Capitec Bank who is a party to this email may not be used, copied, sold, disclosed, shared or incorporated into any database or mailing list for spamming and/or online marketing practices without the prior consent of the employee and/or Capitec Bank.
  11. Capitec Bank reserves the right to monitor, intercept and block, delete, access, read, copy and act upon emails addressed to its employees or sent by them, or to take any other action in accordance with the bank’s email use policy.
  12. Capitec Bank retains the copyright in all email messages and attachments sent from its communications systems insofar as such content is original and subject to copyright. The addressee is hereby licensed to open and read the attachments only.
  13. This email disclaimer is enforceable and binding on the recipient/addressee in terms of sections 11(1) to 11(3) of the ECT Act. This email disclaimer shall at all times take precedence over any other email disclaimer(s).
  14. The law of South Africa shall govern this email message and email disclaimer.
  15. Any dispute arising from or in connection with this disclaimer shall be finally resolved at Stellenbosch in accordance with the Rules of the Arbitration Foundation of Southern Africa by an arbitrator appointed by the Foundation.
  16. Capitec Bank is a registered bank in terms of the Banks Act 94 of 1990, an authorised financial services provider in terms of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act 37 of 2002 (FSP 46669) and is a registered credit provider in terms of the National Credit Act 34 of 2005 (NCRCP13).