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    the benefits of credit

    Choose your very own credit plan based on your credit profile and affordability. Apply now for up to R230 000 over 1 – 84 months.

    Credit plans


    Up to R230 000 cash over 1 – 84 months

    • Apply in branch – approved in minutes, cash available immediately
    • Apply online – we'll get in touch and once approved, cash will be available immediately
    • Amount based on your credit profile and affordability
    • Fixed monthly repayments
    • Consolidate all your existing loans for easier monthly repayments

    Multi loan

    A monthly loan for daily needs or emergencies, reviewed at a branch every 12 months

    • Get up to R4 000 in minutes
    • Transfer money to your transaction/savings account using Remote Banking or our ATMs
    • Interest and fees only charged on money transferred
    • Repayable in full each month

    Download our credit information flyer to help you make the right choices:

    Free retrenchment and death cover

    • For loans 6 months and longer, your outstanding balance will be paid in full
    • If you're retrenched when the loan is less than 3 months old, 50% of your loan will be covered
    • We pay for this cover and the money will be paid to us to settle your outstanding debt

    The documents you need when applying

    Self-employed? If you determine your own salary and payment date, you unfortunately don’t fall within our credit-granting policy.

    Credit checklist

    If you answer 'Yes' to all of the following questions, you could qualify for credit:

    • Are you 18 years or older?
    • Do you have a recent bank statement and salary slip/pension letter?
    • Are you employed (not self employed) or do you earn a pension?
    • Have you been with your current employer for longer than 2 months?
    • Do you earn a salary (not just commission) which is paid into your bank account?
    • You haven't been handed over, sequestered or placed under debt review/administration?

    Credit comparison tips

    • Look at the total repayment amount over the full term
    • While the interest rate is an important factor, don’t let it be the only one
    • Understand the fees (once-off initiation fee and monthly service fee) and consider credit insurance (we offer this free on loans 6 months or longer)