5 Tips to grow your business

All businesses have their own set of needs and challenges, but there are ways you can optimise and help your business run smoother.

5 Tips to grow your business_Desktop

Maximise your current customer base

There’s a common misconception that only new customers make your business grow. However, keeping your current customers happy attracts new ones.

  • Short customer surveys or feedback forms can help identify and meet your customers’ needs and expectations
  • Consider whether or not your employees need more training or have to brainstorm about changing delivery or payment structures. A cash-based business, for example, can improve its customer experience by accepting card payments
  • Look for ways to improve your service to help develop and nurture a long-term relationship with your customers. Your loyal customer base will promote your business without you having to ask

Make technology work for you

A benefit of being a small business is the ability to adapt quickly. Upgrading to new technology can be a quick change with significant benefits.

For example, using an outdated card machine can cause delays at pay points, frustrating customers and reflecting poorly on your business. You can upgrade affordably and improve your efficiency – our Print and Pro card machines offer low commission, unlimited free 4G and 24-hour battery life. These new devices simplify the whole payment process, and with free next-day settlements even on weekends and public holidays, the money will be in your account the very next day.

Get ahead of the competition

Know where you stand in your market. Research your competition to know what you’re up against and what could give you a competitive edge.

So, what does your business environment look like? Are there new providers in your area, and how do their services and products compare to yours? If you have the same competitors, check what they do well and how you can personalise it to improve your business model. Even if you are the dominant player, always review and refine your services to stay ahead.

Remember, understanding your target market and keeping on top of changes can prepare and help you keep current customers and gain new ones.

Stay connected

Create business profiles on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Social media is an easy way to engage with your market.

A social media profile can show potential customers your services and products, while existing clients can easily share your offers with others. 

But you must stay active to stay relevant. An outdated profile may put potential customers off. Your profiles don’t have to be complicated or have expensive advertising; regular updates can keep your customers connected.

Lower your monthly expenses

Take a hard look at your budget and how to keep your monthly expenses as low as possible. This will help protect against inflation and improve your bottom line. Before you automatically renew services, check for more cost-effective options.

For example, you may pay rent for a card machine every month, but you can buy one once-off and save a huge amount over time. Our Pro and Print card machines have a low once-off cost, no minimum monthly commission and no hidden charges. 

The bottom line

Being a business owner means you’ll always be busy, but take regular breaks to think about what you are doing well and what you can change for future growth.

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