Choose the best card machine for your business

Your business's cash flow depends mainly on your access to the money you've earned. Delays in card payments can disrupt your business's cash flow.

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Choosing the right card machine is important to maintain a healthy cash flow, keep your business running smoothly, manage costs, and pay for expenses.  

Why choose Print and Pro card machines?

Some card machines can take days to settle payments and some device providers offer next-day settlement but charge you extra for it.

With the Pro and Print card machine, you’ll get free next-day settlements. The income from your sales will be available the next day, even on weekends and public holidays – no hidden fees.

Why are fast settlements so important?

  • Improves cash flow: To help you buy products or services that could help you grow your business or pay your bills on time.
  • Helps you manage your budget: You can make more informed financial decisions, managing operational costs and debts more effectively.
  • Less stress: Knowing when you will receive your money can relieve stress. So, it’s good for your health too.

Get our Print and Pro card machines at a low once-off cost and get free next-day settlements, low commission, and added benefits such as free, unlimited 4G and a 24-hour battery life. Get in touch with us on 0860 66 77 06 for more information. 

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