What is a notice deposit account?

A notice deposit is a savings plan that allows you to deposit as much money as you want when you want, while allowing you the flexibility to have access to your money when you need it by simply giving notice. You’ll also earn higher interest on your money depending on the notice period you choose. 


How it works:

  • Choose either a 7 or 32-day notice deposit account, depending on your needs
  • No monthly admin fees Save more, earn more interest and grow your money
  • No minimum balance deposit required No maximum balance - you can invest as much as you want
  • Reinvest the interest or transfer it to your main savings account

How to open an account

  • Sign on to our app and tap Explore
  • Tap Save, then Add Notice Deposit
  • Or visit your nearest branch

Notice deposit interest rates

Tiers7-day notice32-day notice

The nominal interest rate refers to the interest you’d earn over a year, if the interest you’d monthly earn is not reinvested in your account, but monthly transferred from your account.

The effective annual interest rate is the interest you’d earn over a year if the interest is reinvested in your account, i.e. the interest is added to the account balance every month. Interest is earned on interest.

Note: The Notice Deposit savings account interest rate will fluctuate with market conditions and is not set at a fixed interest rate.