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Learn how to approve DebiCheck debit orders on your Capitec account

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To ensure that any services that you wish to acquire through a DebiCheck debit order are initiated you need to approve the DebiCheck mandate. 

To simplify the process we provide you with several approval options:


  1. You will receive an SMS stating you have a debit order to approve
  2. Open your cellphone banking app
  3. Enter your Remote PIN
  4. A message will be displayed to inform you of your pending DebiCheck
  5. Choose to either accept/ decline
  6. Your list of pending DebiCheck mandates will be displayed, choose the one you want to action
  7. Confirm the details are correct then approve/decline

At a branch

  1. You will receive an SMS stating you have a debit order to approve
  2. Visit a Capitec branch
  3. Tell the Capitec Service Consultant what you want to do
  4. Identification will be done using biometrics
  5. The Service Consultant will display your pending DebiCheck mandates
  6. Confirm and approve the mandate that needs to be accepted/declined
  7. Approve using your fingerprint biometrics

24hr Client Care Centre

  1. You will receive an SMS stating you have a debit order to approve
  2. Dial 0860 10 2043
  3. Tell the Client Care Centre agent that you want to approve/decline a DebiCheck mandate
  4. They will check for pending DebiCheck mandates
  5. Confirm with you which Debicheck mandates need to be approved/declined
  6. Select the one that you want approved/declined
  7. The agent will read out a disclaimer and complete the approval of the mandate from their side


  1. You will receive an SMS stating you have a DebiCheck mandate to approve
  2. Dial *120*3279#
  3. Choose option 8
  4. Review the details on screen and select option 1 to continue
  5. Review additional information. Select option 1 to approve and 2 to decline
  6. Read through the disclaimer. Select option 1 to continue
  7. Enter your Mobile Banking PIN to approve or decline the DebiCheck debit order
  8. A confirmation message will be displayed


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