What if there was a simpler way to bank?

How does a bank get to the top spot on both Google Play and the Apple App Stores? By simplifying banking.


It’s no mean feat to rank number one on both Google Play and the Apple App Store, but that’s just what Capitec’s new banking app has achieved in the financial category. How? By designing the new app with clients’ feedback in mind.

“Our approach is always client first and that’s how we approached the app update. We analysed the data of what our clients were doing on our digital channels. We also listened to what our clients were saying on social media and spent time with clients at the branches where we tested multiple prototypes,” Roderick May, Client Experience Manager at Capitec, explains. “It was clear that our clients want simplicity – we had to create a new app that was simple to use.”

As South Africa’s largest digital bank with more than 7 million banking clients, Capitec understands how important it is to put the client first.


Affordability is key

The new Capitec app is the smallest banking app in South Africa, which means it will use minimal space on your smart phone. Plus, it’s zero rated – once you’ve downloaded and activated it, Capitec covers the data cost when you use the app.


Unpacking four new features

Overall, Capitec’s app has been redesigned with simplicity in mind. The bank knew that their clients want things to be familiar and easy to navigate. Here’s what has changed.


Track your spend

The new ‘Track your spend’ feature provides a clear visual representation of how you’re spending your money. This feature will help you to identify your spending habits based on categories, such as food, transport and entertainment, allowing you to see what you’re spending your money on every month.

“This has become a popular feature,” says May. “We’ve received a lot of positive feedback on social media and the app stores. It automatically allocates your spend to a category.” What happens if the app makes a mistake? “You simply correct it and the app will learn that rule going forward.”


Send money, easily and quickly

This features allows you to send money to anyone with a cellphone number. The way it works is simple: you’ll be able to create a voucher with a reference number that you can send directly to someone’s cellphone. Once they receive voucher, they can either withdraw it at a Capitec ATM or at a tillpoint in supermarkets, such as Shoprite, Checkers or Makro. You can also use this feature to send a voucher to yourself if you forgot your bank card at home.


Hide your balance

The new app gives you the option to hide your balance on the home screen. You can still open the app and transact, but your balance will be hidden.

“Some of our clients have told us they don’t like having their balance displayed on the home page,” says May. “When they’re in a public space, someone can easily look over their shoulder and see how much money they have in their bank account.”


Banking. Now even simpler

Move to Capitec and get the new banking app that allows for simpler and quicker sign-in and authentication using your fingerprint or facial recognition. It’s secure, easy to use and you pay no data charges on any of the major South African networks when using the app.

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