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4 reasons why cashless banking is the best way to bank and why you should be doing it.

capitec cashless banking

There are good reasons cashless banking is the best way to bank. Here are the most important ones.


You’ll save time

According to the 2015 Finscope Survey, South Africans can spend up to 3 hours getting to and from their bank branch or an ATM. That doesn’t include the time spent standing in a queue.

Why choose to spend so much time travelling and standing in a queue when you can skip it altogether by paying accounts and people using your phonethe Internet, or by using your Global One card instead?

For example, using our app you can:

  • view or email your transaction history
  • buy airtime, data, SMS bundles and electricity
  • stop lost or stolen cards
  • update your daily card limits
  • register for SMS notifications
  • create a budget with the budget tool
  • stop and/or dispute debit orders

You’ll save money

Almost 30% of all clients earn more in interest than their monthly bank fees every month. You can be one of them.

You pay no bank fees on most app and Internet banking transactions, and half the branch fee for beneficiary payments. Cell C, Vodacom, MTN and Telkom subscribers with Android, Blackberry 10 and iOS devices pay zero data fees when using our app.

If you must use your Global One card, save by swiping for all your purchases and payments instead of drawing cash. And if you must use cash, draw from a Pick n Pay, Checkers or Boxer till for only R1.25.


You’re in control

You don’t have to wait to go to a branch for a statement. Use the app to know what’s happening in your accounts 24/7. You can view your transaction history and all your account balances. You can also check your account for any unauthorised transactions, helping to protect your money.

Not only do you save time and money, and keep your money safe, you only need to use one device.


You’re safer

The South African Banking Risk Information Centre (SABRIC) urges all South Africans to stay safe this festive season by carrying as little as cash as possible, making them less of a target for robberies.

They recommend the following:

  • If you need to pay accounts, consider options that are lower risk instead of withdrawing large sums of cash. If you do need cash, carry as little as possible
  • Pay your accounts electronically
  • Make use of cellphone banking, Internet transfers or ATMs to do your banking

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