Guidelines for safe banking

It can still be safe to do your banking. Here are some important guidelines to follow.

Guidelines for safe banking

Need to do your banking, but unable to visit a branch? Follow these 'clean banking' guidelines to make sure you stay safe, healthy and on top of your finances during the fight against the COVID-19 virus.

Stay Informed

At Capitec we not only value your financial health, but also your physical health. If you can, avoid cash and ATMs as they are touched and handled by a high number of people daily. To stay informed on any banking or health tips, follow us on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. Be safe! #CashFree #GoDigital


Cash Free

Cash changes hands on a daily basis and can harbour millions of microbes from every environment it touches. A safe alternative to cash is to pay with your card or use the Capitec Masterpass app on your phone to scan QR codes. Be safe! #CashFree


Tap to Pay

Be aware of every surface you touch and keep in mind that cash changes hands many times on a daily basis. A safe alternative is to use your card's Tap to Pay functionality. The card never leaves your hand, and you don't have to touch the keypad to enter your PIN. Be safe! #CashFree


App usage

Just because you have to stay at home, doesn't mean you can't do your banking. Use our app to pay people and accounts, buy airtime or electricity, email bank statements and manage debit orders. Be safe! #GoDigital



Even amidst all the uncertainty, life goes on. For now, we all just need to adapt to a safer and healthier way of living. That's why you don't need to visit a branch to apply for credit. You can simply visit, apply on the app or call us on 0860 66 77 89. Be safe! #GoDigital

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