The reason South Africans move to Capitec

A recent global survey of banking customers found that value for money is the number-one priority for South Africans when choosing a bank.


A 2019 survey of the needs of banking clients in 28 different markets across the globe found that in South Africa, some of their primary needs are:

  • richer digital experiences
  • consistency across channels
  • value for money


Why customers are moving banks

Given the economic climate, many South Africans are very price-conscious. When asked what the one thing is that would make them leave a financial services provider, fees were the biggest factor.

“Turnaround time” was the main reason people decided to close a bank account, followed by “billing or payments”. According to the research survey by BrandsEye, Capitec is one of the top 2 alternatives to clients consider when wanting to move banks.


Move to Capitec and save money

With Global One you get a transactional account, 4 free savings plans, personalised credit options and insurance. All in one for just R5 per month. Plus, a positive balance in your main transactional account means you will earn interest. On average, our clients pay less than R50 in total bank fees per month and zero data costs to use our banking app.


Move to Capitec and save time

Capitec is South Africa’s leading digital bank with over 6.9 digital banking clients. Our innovative solution to banking, called Global One, allows you to transact, save and access credit using remote banking.

This gives you control of your money, and saves you time by givng you the ability to bank anywhere, anytime with our cellphone app, Internet baking or USSD (*120*3279#).


One simple step away

The only thing you need to open an account at Capitec is a valid ID. We can also help to move your debit orders. Just download and complete the ​Debit Order Switch Authorisation form​ and email it, along with your latest bank statement, to Alternatively, take your latest bank statement to a Capitec branch with your ID.

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