Leading by example: Mendy Zwane

Capitec’s Mendy Zwane, from the Centralised Collections department, believes her CEO values have made her a better person. For her, putting the client first, acting with energy and taking ownership has become part of her everyday life.


Mendy started her journey with Capitec in 2016 and has grabbed every opportunity that has come her way since. She is currently acting team leader in the Centralised Collections department in Johannesburg and has great passion for her job.

“It has helped me appreciate and understand people more,” says Mendy. Because of this, she always makes an effort to go the extra mile. Mendy is a part of the MO’FIRE committee, which helps keep the team motivated. “I’m the person willing to drive any initiative that brings more life or some fun to the floor for the agents.” 

Mendy has also promoted several drives within her team; one being a blood donation drive. “I help arrange the South African National Blood Service (SANBS) visits to our workplace, they come every 3 months,” says Mendy. The team have become dedicated blood donors and are proud of the effort Mendy has put in to help them save lives.

“I’ve come to realise that people only learn when you lead by example,” explains Mendy. “I often say to my team ‘do for others what you would have them do for you’. This encourages them to be responsible and take ownership.” 

Mendy learns new things every day, not only about her work, but also about her clients. “I have noticed that clients are much more comfortable talking to people who are willing to listen, respond and educate them at the same time,” she says. “You always need to be ready to tackle anything, so energy is key.” 

Mendy’s passion for people has also influenced her love for the community. She has gone out of her way to volunteer her time and energy to those in need. “I was part of the Orlando Children’s Home project on Mandela Day where we had a fun day playing a game of soccer with the children,” recalls Mendy. 

Established 60 years ago by the Child Welfare Society, the Home is a haven for children in need of care in Soweto.  Mendy and her team have also donated groceries to the foster mothers of the Children’s Home. She explained that she is just as passionate about the community, as she is about her work. 

“When I step out I’m not just Mendy; I am the face and voice of Capitec.” Mendy’s passion for people has filtered into her personal life as well. “As a single mother, I have a passion for children. There are other children I interact with, who have no parents and this is where I apply my CEO Values,” says Mendy. 

“I have taught my son to be humble, caring and giving. I also lead by example to teach him these values so that he can grow to be a better man one day.” Mendy is proud of the work she and her colleagues do, and the activities they participate in as volunteers. “I’m proud to say that ‘I’m here on behalf of Capitec’, and to leave a mark that could change a person’s life.”

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