Sharing happiness through hard work

In just a few hours the sickbay and old library at the Solomon Qatyana Primary School was turned into a fabulously painted, stocked and furnished library.


This change was not due Cinderella’s fairy godmother and her magic wand. No, it took some elbow grease and a sincere willingness from members of the Learning and Development management team, who participated in our Capitec Volunteer Programme. 

“We had a labour intensive, but heart-warming and gratifying experience to renovate the library of Solomon Qatyana Primary School in Strand,” says Justin Johansen team leader for learning facilitation, who also project managed the day. “The most gratifying experience was knowing that we were doing something small that would have a big impact on the lives of hundreds of kids. It was priceless to see the initial bemusement on their faces when we showed up looking like space cowboys in our disposable paint overalls, and then to see their amazement and joy about the new library.”

All our employees are encouraged to use their time and skills to get involved in bettering their communities. Through our Capitec Volunteer Programme everyone gets one day per year to volunteer their time for an approved project.  

Julian Meyer, an acting team leader, who is passionate about helping those around him, grabbed the opportunity to take his volunteer day at the school. “If we can demonstrate the Capitec culture of care in this way, it creates hope. Doing volunteering with friends and colleagues makes it even better,” he says. 

Spending the day at the Solomon Qatyana Primary School meant that Julian had the chance to be involved in the school’s daily food service at lunch time. For many of the children, it’s their only food for the day. He was deeply touched by the appreciation and gratitude the children showed.  

Julian also believes that helping others has a domino effect of spreading goodwill. “It sparks the desire to be of service to others and pay it forward.” 

Becoming involved can make a tremendous difference in our communities to improve the lives of those around us. Research also shows that employees from companies who have active corporate volunteer programmes are more satisfied, have a better morale and are more productive. 

Johannes says the team was surprised by what they had achieved in just a few hours of intense labour. “It was really amazing. Who would have thought that a bunch of pen pushers could perform physical labour that resulted in such awesome work!”

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