Taking ownership: Joy Koen

Capitec’s Manager of Client, Savings & Insurance Systems, Joy Koen says that Capitec’s CEO values of putting the client first, acting with energy and taking ownership are key to her team’s success.


Joy, who joined Capitec in 2016, quickly learned how to work in a team across multiple organisations and locations. She is the system owner of the Capitec Funeral Plan, underwritten by Centriq Life, and manages the IT relationship between Capitec and Sanlam.

Joy believes teamwork plays an essential part in getting things done. She always aims to lead by example with a positive attitude which encourages a positive team morale. 

“I am mindful of how my attitude affects the team, so I always try to bring positive and upbeat energy into the team,” says Joy. “We function better when we are happy!”   

It is vital for Joy to ensure that her team stays motivated and committed to working hard in their demanding environment. And she is always determined to support, enable, motivate and encourage them to do their best. 

“I need to provide structure and focus and it is my duty to shield the team from disruptions that channel focus away from delivering results. If I am successful in doing that, then the team is free to do amazing things for our clients,” says Joy. 

She added that she helps the team see the growth opportunity offered by stepping outside of defined roles. 

“We don’t assume that someone else will do it, we do it ourselves,” says Joy. “If something needs to be done, do it! If it gets the job done, there is always satisfaction in knowing that you contributed.” 

“Instead of saying ‘this is not in my job description’, we say ’this is an opportunity for me to learn something new and add value’.” 

A true CEO at heart, Joy is passionate about focusing her energy on the client. 

“I need to ensure that what I do adds value to our clients and makes their lives better,” says Joy. 

“I love what I do. I believe that what I do, and how I do it, for both our clients and the people I work with makes a difference.”

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