Banking channel safety

Paying with your Global One card, using your cellphone or by Internet banking is easy, convenient and safe.

Internet banking safety measures

If you’re concerned about the safety of your money, here’s how you’re protected.

Tip: Most fraud happens when people give away their personal identification number (PIN) or password. Keep yours a secret.


Using your card

How it’s secured

Your Global One card has a chip and PIN.

Staying safe

  • Keep your PIN a secret and change it regularly. Never make it easy to guess
  • Register for transaction notifications to alert you when money is going in or out of your account, or both, or when any of your card limits are changed
  • Keep your card in sight when you use it to pay at the shops, in a restaurant or at the garage
  • Check the amount before you enter your PIN
  • Monitor your account and check that the transactions are valid
  • Don’t shop online at Internet cafés. Always use secure websites; the website address should start with https instead of http


Banking on your cellphone

How it’s secured

Whether you use our cellphone app or *120*3279#, you’re protected by a PIN which only you know.

On the app, you sign in with your Remote PIN. Every transaction also needs to be approved using your Remote PIN, which must be entered in the pop-up screen in the app.

Your app is linked to your phone, not your SIM card. If your phone is stolen, your app can’t be accessed without the PIN. And if you forget to sign out, you’ll be signed out automatically after 5 minutes.

If you want to access your money by dialling *120*3279#, you will need to enter your Mobile Banking PIN to approve transactions.

Staying safe

  • Keep your PINs a secret – never share them with anyone. No Capitec Bank employee will ever ask you for them
  • Don’t save your PIN on your cellphone
  • Ignore messages asking you to turn your cellphone off or make changes to your SIM or cellphone as part of any service upgrade
  • Let us know immediately if your phone is stolen on 0860 10 20 43
  • Be aware of the access you give third-party apps that you download onto your phone

Internet banking

How it’s secured

You access Online banking using a combination of your username and password.

Staying safe

  • Make sure no one has unauthorised access to your computer and cellphone app (or keyring token) 
  • Keep your sign-in details a secret
  • Always verify that you are on
  • Don’t open suspicious mails or click on attachments or links in unexpected mails
  • Avoid public computers at Internet cafés
  • Don’t sign into another website while you’re signed into Online banking


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