How do I update my Remote PIN?

Use our app to increase your Remote PIN up to 6 digits and make it more secure. Protect your PIN by creating one no one can guess.

How do I update my remote pin desktop

Fraudsters want your PIN. #ProtectYourPIN by upgrading from a 4-digit to a 5 or 6-digit app PIN.


How to set up a new PIN on our app

  • Sign in on our app and tap the menu in the top right corner
  • Tap Settings

Remote banking PIN 1

  • Choose Update Remote PIN and enter your current PIN 
  • Enter a new Remote PIN of up to 6 digits and confirm it 

Create a 5 to 6 digit PIN


Tips to keep your bank card pin safe

  • Don't set a PIN that anyone can guess, such as your birthday or 12345
  • Don't use the same PIN you use to unlock your phone
  • Set a different PIN for your banking app and your bank card
  • Don't repeat numbers such as 2244
  • Don't use a pattern on the keypad to select a PIN
  • Never use your banking PIN as your password for other accounts


If you suspect fraud on your account

  • Report any suspicious card transactions by calling us on 0860 10 20 43
  • Use our app to set your card limits to zero or stop your card


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