Your fresh start starts now

Whether you're planning to save for a holiday or follow healthier habits, make this the year of change.

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The start of a new year is an excellent time to set goals for yourself, whether it's to:

  • Save for your future or something else
  • Pay off your debt
  • Travel
  • Be healthier 

No matter what goal you've set, make sure it's SMART:



  • What is your goal? How much will it cost? When do you want to achieve it?


  • How much do you need to save, and how much will you save each month? 


  • Will you be able to afford the amount you plan to save each month consistently?


  • Is this goal going to contribute to your bigger dreams?


  • What are your goal's start and end dates?

Let's say you're planning to save for a holiday. Take the time to write it down. For example: "I'm going to save R3 300 towards a beach holiday by the end of this year. To do this, I will save R300 per month for the next 11 months."


Simple ways you can save more

A common goal many people have is to save more money. Perhaps you want to pay off your debt or save for a holiday. Start by joining Live Better on our app for free to get real cash back, real rewards, real simple:

  • Get 1% cash back when you shop in-store or online with your Capitec credit card. Your cash back is paid into your Live Better savings on the 10th of every month
  • Get cash back and discounts by paying with your Capitec card at one of our Spend Better partners, in-store or online. Need to fill up? Do it at Shell. Top up your toiletries? Pop into Dis-Chem. Need to get somewhere? Ride with Bolt
  • Set up a debit order for a realistic amount and transfer it to one of your 4 free savings plans. Schedule it to go off the day after you get paid – that way, you'll be less tempted to spend the money on something else
  • Switch on the Save Better tools to save without the hassle 
  • Switch your salary and debit orders to Capitec to help you meet your Bank Better goals. You don't need to go into a branch. You can switch online or send "Hello" to 067 418 9565 on WhatsApp and choose "Switch to Capitec"

Capitec reserves the right at its sole and absolute discretion, from time-to-time, to change or to terminate Live Better immediately or with notice.

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