Holiday travel tips

Planning an overseas holiday or a local trip? Save time and money with these tips.

holiday travel tips

Local travel

  • Pay zero data fees when you bank on our app. Stay in control of your money at all times, even when you don’t have data or a WiFi connection
  • Using your card is safer and more affordable than carrying large amounts of cash. Keeping money in your account for longer also means you could earn interest on positive balances

International travel

  • Pay for flights with your Capitec credit card and benefit from free travel insurance
  • Choose the currency of the country you're visiting to get the exchange rate of the day
  • International processing fee of R3 when you use your Debit or Credit card for international purchases, online shopping, accounts, fuel, and telephone or mail orders
  • Get cash from any ATM with the Mastercard® logo for R80
  • Use our app to manage your bank account. The app is linked to your phone, so you can use it by accessing a WiFi network or a local SIM from any country you're traveling in
  • Save data costs and buy a local SIM or switch your data roaming off and use trusted WiFi networks


  • Do not choose the Dynamic Currency Conversion option when withdrawing cash at international ATMs as it is more expensive
  • Be aware of an access fee that can be charged by the international bank when withdrawing cash at their ATMs, this fee will be displayed on the ATM screen before the transaction is finalised. You can look for an ATM that does not charge an access fee
  • Increase card daily limits to accommodate for currency exchange rates

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