Capitec X Mzansi: The Anthem Partnership

Nurturing Talent, Amplifying Cultural Vibrancy

Capitec proudly announces its collaboration with the Mzansi Youth Choir, emphasising its commitment to supporting local talent and community engagement. The choir's global recognition, especially after a standout performance on America's Got Talent, aligns seamlessly with Capitec's values of innovation and inclusivity.

This partnership goes beyond financial support, symbolising a joint commitment to showcasing and nurturing local talent internationally. As cultural ambassadors, the choir has successfully brought South Africa's vibrancy to a global audience.

Capitec sees the Mzansi Youth Choir as an inspiration for South African youth, and through this collaboration, it aims to provide a platform for its members to achieve their dreams. Beyond artistic excellence, the partnership exemplifies Capitec's dedication to supporting local initiatives and driving positive change within communities.

The collaboration reflects Capitec's dedication to celebrating and nurturing the incredible talent within the country, inspiring the next generation and contributing to South Africa's cultural legacy.

The union has created the "Capitec Anthem," a soul-stirring composition by the Mzansi Youth Choir, symbolising the harmony between Capitec and the choir. This musical masterpiece reinforces their joint dedication to empowerment, innovation, and community enrichment.

Capitec remains focused on supporting the dreams of the youth, fostering a harmonious future where local talent flourishes and communities thrive. The "Capitec Anthem" stands as a testament to both entities' shared commitment to celebrate South Africa's spirit on a global scale.

Link: YT Capitec x Mzanzi youth choir


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