Celebrating heritage through language

Dive Deep into the Rich and Diverse Tapestry of Our Nation’s Languages

Every individual, every family, and indeed, every nation has a mosaic of stories, traditions, and values that help define who we are. These tales from yesteryears are more than just memories; they are the roots that anchor us, the heritage that shapes our present and guides our future.

In our journey at Capitec, we've always understood that banking is more than just transactions; it's about connecting with individuals, each with a unique story. That's why we embarked on the 'Rooted in Heritage' campaign, an initiative close to our heart.

South Africa is a land of diversity, teeming with rich languages, each narrating its own saga. Every language, from isiZulu to isiNdebele, captures an essence, an emotion, a memory that might seem intangible but is deeply felt. We wanted to celebrate this treasure trove of linguistic wealth. More than that, we wanted to give each of you a platform to share what these words, these pieces of heritage, truly mean to you.

"Amasiko", for example, is not just about customs or traditions in isiXhosa; it's about the collective cultural pulse, the shared rituals, and the inherited beliefs that form the fabric of the Xhosa community. But what personal stories or sentiments does it evoke in you beyond its literal translation? This campaign was designed to unearth these personal connections, these unique interpretations.

Why this campaign? Because at Capitec, we believe in the power of connections, not just in the digital sense, but in those heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul links that bind us together. 'Rooted in Heritage' is not just a campaign for us; it's a testament to our commitment to you, our community, and the rich tapestry of South African heritage.

So, as we navigate through this journey of rediscovery, we invite each one of you to dive deep, reflect, and share. Let's celebrate our roots, cherish our stories, and most importantly, let's connect over the heritage that makes us uniquely South African.

Here's to our roots, our stories, our heritage.

#RootedInHeritage πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦

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