Vehicle and asset finance

Purchasing a business asset through us will allow your business to grow, leaving cash flow available for other business needs.

Affordable Vehicle and Asset Finance for Business

Finance solutions

  • We offer finance for different asset types as follows:
    • Passenger vehicles
    • Light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles
    • Machinery and equipment
    • Printing, packaging and labelling equipment
    • Food manufacturing and processing equipment
    • Healthcare: medical and dental equipment
    • We also provide specialised solutions to cater for specific customer needs and business requirements, such as importing capital equipment and other specific assets
    • Other goods may be considered
  • You can negotiate a deposit, balloon payment and repayment term up to 72 months


  • A Capitec Business account 
  • A minimum of 2 years operating as a business 

Depending on the nature of the transaction and the amount of financing needed, we may require some or all of the following:   

  • Signed financial information
    • Latest signed annual financial statements
    • Up-to-date management accounts (not older than 3 months)
    • Statement of personal assets and liabilities
    • Statement of personal income and expenditure
  •  Other
    • Most recent 6 months’ bank statements (new clients only)
    • Pro-forma invoice reflecting the purchase price and details of the goods being purchased 

vehicle finance for business

What are the benefits?

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  • You get faster access to business assets
  • Meet business demands without allocating a large portion of business capital
  • Increase productivity and efficiency with new or upgraded equipment, machines or vehicles
  • You become the owner of the asset once it's fully paid off 
  • Benefit from a competitive interest rate linked to prime  
  • You also qualify for preferential rates for comprehensive insurance on the goods you buy