Payment services

Use our secure and affordable solutions to help manage your business's electronic payments and collections.

Business payment services


Debit Order Collection

Debit Order Collection 

Collect funds using the EFT payment stream.


  • Minimise human intervention, improve accuracy and boost productivity and management
  • Use our automatic account reconciliation tools for EFT items, generated by our systems against your bank account
  • Choose your payment period – including same day or next day collections

DebiCheck (Authenticated Collections)

Requires authentication from the accountholder (your client) when entering into a contract with you as the service or credit provider. Using DebiCheck reduces the risk of an incorrect or fraudulent debit order being collected, as the debit order can only be actioned according to the approved agreement (mandate).


  • DebiCheck debit orders are given priority when the banks process debit orders against clients' accounts
  • It allows for up to 10 days tracking to improve success rates
  • The dispute rules are much stricter if the transaction has been confirmed by the accountholder

Capitec Debicheck for Business


Business payment services

Payment system 

We offer industry leading options for bulk payments. Whether you prefer an automated, hosted internet-based system or modular internal software, we’ll customise it according to your needs to send and receive data in a highly secure manner, making salary and creditor payments simpler and safer.


  • Save time by reducing the number of rejected payments with our automated Check Digit Verification (CDV), where bank accounts are verified for accuracy at the first point of capture
  • Prevent fraudulent payments with the authorising options available
  • Get detailed reports available in different formats, to simplify reconciliations

Data validation

Account Verification System

Account Verification System (AVS) 

We do full data validation to ensure that the account details of your clients, suppliers or employees are correct before collections or payments are made.

You have the option to choose between our batch or real-time options. The batch-based solution generates responses directly from other banks, usually within an hour of submission, while real-time provides feedback in seconds.


  • Validate an accountholder’s details to match ID numbers or company registration numbers with the account number
  • Confirm whether the account has been open for more than 3 months, if it’s active and if debit and credit transactions are allowed on the account
  • Enhance your collection ratio by ensuring that you collect from an active account in the name of the correct accountholder