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Corporate Social Investment

We're committed to playing an active role in the upliftment of our communities.

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Our contribution to society and communities

Capitec invests in 3 main areas: the Capitec Foundation, our Employee Volunteer Programme, and initiatives and organisations that align with our focus areas. We also contribute towards disaster relief through recognised and legitimate disaster relief organisations committed to helping those who are widely affected and most in need.

For more information contact us at csi@capitecbank.co.za

The Foundation focuses on a Whole School approach to strengthen mathematics education. It aims to create a brighter future for young people by enabling more learners access to tertiary education opportunities and employability. Mathematics is not only important as a gateway subject for tertiary education but also for creative problem-solving skills in the technology-orientated marketplace.

The elements of the Foundation’s Whole School approach include:

  • School leadership development
  • In-service mathematics teacher development
  • A mathematics programme that aims to improve the mathematics performance of learners through technology hubs that support digitally-enabled learning, face-to-face maths tutoring and learning wellness support to build confidence
  • The development of future mathematics teachers through personal and professional empowerment and a platform for experiential learning
  • A scalable support platform that facilitates collaboration, access to resources, data collection and reporting and quality management

We encourage our employees to use their 3 volunteer leave days per year to contribute towards the upliftment and development of their communities. Employees can sign up for organised volunteering initiatives, volunteer in their individual capacities, undertake group projects in partnership with non-profit organisations of their choice or join existing initiatives.

Capitec supports socio economic development programmes of registered public benefit organisations (PBOs) that align with our CSI focus on education, mental health and food security. We support sustainable organisations nationally.

We are not currently accepting funding applications.

Capitec CSI does not support the following initiatives:

  • Overseas and local tours
  • Sporting activities, events or sports and recreation clubs
  • Membership subscriptions
  • Music/art events, festivals or productions
  • Fundraising dinners/gala events
  • Conferences or workshops
  • Political organisations
  • Religious organisations
  • Trade unions
  • Fundraising requests
  • Advertising in educational or other supplements