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    travel insurance

    Our credit card has a number of features and benefits to help you live better. One of these benefits is international travel insurance.


    What is international travel insurance?

    International travel insurance covers any unexpected medical expenses while you’re travelling abroad. If you’re a client under the age of 75, and you purchase and pay for the full cost of your flight ticket with your Capitec credit card, you’ll automatically receive free basic travel insurance. You may also opt in for comprehensive top-up cover at your own cost if additional cover is required.


    • Free basic cover – Emergency medical and related expenses of up to R10 million as specified in the benefit schedule that will be supplied to you by Travel Insurance Consultants (TIC)

    • Comprehensive top-up cover – Extra benefits such as trip cancellation, hijacking and wrongful detention, lost or stolen baggage and legal expenses. You may arrange this separately through the TIC website or TIC call centre. TIC will provide a quotation for the extra premium and will collect the payment from you

    Conditions for cover

    • You must pay for your flight ticket in full with your Capitec credit card

    • You must be under 75 years of age

    • Your trip must be shorter than 90 days


    • International travel insurance does not cover domestic travel, even if you purchase and pay with your credit card

    • International travel insurance is not available on Mastercard® debit cards

    • The insurance only covers you and your immediate family

    How to activate the cover

    To activate your international travel cover, you can contact the TIC call centre Monday to Friday from
    8am – 5pm using any of the following channels:

    Medical emergency

    Should you have a medical emergency while travelling internationally, contact Europ Assistance 24/7 on
    +27 11 991 8409.

    How to claim

    • You or Europ Assistance should contact TIC directly
    • The claim will be lodged 
    • The relevant documentation will be supplied to TIC 

    TIC contact centre for claims