Continue to invest in yourself to build your wealth

Your career is the engine of your wealth. And just like any engine it needs fuel to keep going further.

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Furthering your studies, learning a new skill or taking on a new project. Committing to any of these could increase your earning power for the rest of your life – an investment with excellent returns.


How to start

Firstly, think strategically about which skills will make you more valuable at work or in your field. Don't only think about how you could potentially get a higher salary, but also explore ways to find greater job satisfaction and have more choices in the work you already do.

Next, start looking into accredited qualifications or certificates to develop those skills. There are also plenty of free learning resources online. Read widely, put your hand up for new projects and take on new challenges willingly.


What to learn

Which skills or qualifications might be most beneficial will vary depending on who you are and what field you work in (or would like to work in). That said, here are 3 areas that almost anyone in the modern working world could benefit from improving:

1. Writing

Whether it's improving how your write emails, reports or think-piece articles, the ability to bring your ideas across in a clear and compelling way is a beneficial professional skill in almost all industries.

2. Spreadsheets, software and coding

What you need to prioritise in this category will differ depending on your existing skill levels and industry.

3. Presentation skills and public speaking

Public speaking isn’t just for people who need to make speeches. Successful individuals in almost every field – whether employees or entrepreneurs – make regular use of their public speaking abilities. These communication skills are valuable for sharing ideas and getting agreement, sales, teaching, presentations, interviews, media appearances, speaking at conferences and even motivating a team. It’s not about becoming an extrovert or motivational speaker, but rather to develop your spoken communication skills across various areas.


How to keep learning

The key to success is to never stop learning. But you'll have to make the time and possibly also the finances available. Find out how much you'd need to save towards an accredited qualification or certificate, and create a monthly savings plan.

You don't have to do a course or get a new qualification every year. In fact, you might only need to invest your time: there are many free courses and tools available online to help you learn new skills. You can also keep up to date with new trends and developments in your field by doing lots of reading, taking part in online forums and collaborating with different people in new projects and challenges.


Platforms for online learning

Free or nearly-free platforms:

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