GRAD and GRADnext

Practical guides to help you thrive as a student and career starter.

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To help you adjust to student life and make important life decisions, Capitec proudly supports the GRAD and GRADnext magazines, in partnership with award-winning journalist Ruda Landman, StudyTrust and Van Schaik Publishers.  


GRADnext – kicking your career off right

Designed to help you make the transition from student to working life, GRADnext is a booklet that's divided into short chapters that cover everything from job hunting and going to interviews, to creating your personal brand.

Read and download your copy of GRADnext here.

What's in the mag:

  • Managing your money right from the start
  • Create your own budget
  • How to find job opportunities
  • A practical guide to writing CVs and cover letters
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Networking
  • Personal branding
  • Being a working adult

Find clear and practical guidelines to support you every step of the way.
Follow the links below to listen to the audiobook.


GRADnext audio files

Episode 1: Introduction and Taking responsibility (File size 13 MB)
Episode 2: MAP yourself (File size 25.5 MB)
Episode 3: Personal branding (File size 21.3 MB)
Episode 4: Emotional intelligence (File size 17 MB)
Episode 5: 4IR (File size 40.4 MB)
Episode 6: Where to start looking for a job (File size 33.2 MB)
Episode 7: Networking (File size 24.7 MB)
Episode 8: LinkedIn (File size 17.7 MB)
Episode 9: Entrepreneurship (File size 19.7 MB)
Episode 10: Writing a cv (File size 20.3 MB)
Episode 11: Writing a cover letter (File size 13.5 MB)
Episode 12: Interviews (File size 24 MB)
Episode 13: The contract (File size 19.6 MB)
Episode 14: Professionalism (File size 32.2 MB)
Episode 15: Clear and professional communication (File size 26.6 MB)
Episode 16: Managing time (File size 26.2 MB)
Episode 17: Managing money – structuring your income (File size 38.8 MB)
Episode 18: Creating a budget and sticking to it (File size 34.6 MB) 
Episode 19: Saving – making your money grow (File size 7.2 MB)
Episode 20: Diversity (File size 19.7 MB)


GRAD – your guide to university success

GRAD is a free magazine that gives you practical guidance to help you adjust to student life and what it takes to succeed at your studies.

What’s in the mag:

  • Understanding and managing your money as a student
  • Choosing your courses
  • Managing time and stress
  • Study methods
  • Building your skills, your network and your CV

Read and download your copy here.