MYnext, GRAD and GRADnext

Practical guides to help you thrive in Matric, as a student and career starter

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Capitec is proud to sponsor MYnext, GRAD and GRADnext, which are created by Ruda Landman and StudyTrust, in partnership with Van Schaik Publishers.


"MYnext - Success in Matric and planning your future" is your essential guide for navigating the challenges and opportunities of life after high school, packed with a wealth of visual content, and space for your own personal reflections.

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What's in the mag:

📘 Study Techniques: Master effective methods to unleash your full learning potential

😌 Stress Survival Kit: Equip yourself with invaluable strategies to confidently overcome life’s challenges

🚀 Navigating Further Education: Receive clear and practical guidance for pursuing higher education

💼 Entering the Workforce: Gain insights and direction for seamlessly transitioning into the professional world

🏢 Managing your money:  Learn healthy financial habits to build wealth and achieve your goals  

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"GRAD – Your Guide to University or College Success" is your go-to guide for navigating the transition from high school to tertiary studies. This comprehensive resource is tailored to assist recent school leavers in understanding the changes and challenges that come with university life.

What's in the mag:
🚀 Building Resilience: Receive clear and practical guidance for dealing with stress and anxiety
😌 Navigating university life: Acquire valuable skills to adjust to life’s new demands and challenges, from time to food management
📘 Study strategies: Learn techniques to excel academically
💰 Handling your finances: Learn healthy money habits for study success 
📝 Managing information: A practical guide to building basic skills to understand and interpret new information and communicate thoughts and ideas effectively

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"GRADnext – Crossing the divide from student to working adult" is packed with clear and practical information to support you as you embark on a new adventure as a working adult.

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What’s in the mag: 
💰 Managing your money: Learn how to make the most of your money from your very first pay check and create a budget that suits your working life
🔍 Finding job opportunities:  Discover effective ways to find job opportunities and kickstart your career
📝 Job preparation: A practical guide to crafting compelling CVs and cover letters, plus advice on how to present yourself at interviews to get noticed
🚀   Personal branding: Learn the art of creating a strong personal brand that sets you apart  
👔 Transitioning to working life: Tips for adapting to the responsibilities and expectations of being a working adult

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