Live Better Academy

Be money smart! Choose from our, easy-to-follow, online courses and stand a chance to win.

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Completing the Live Better Academy series is an opportunity to empower yourself in your financial life. Whether you’d like to repay your debt quicker, reduce your spending and stick to a budget, or save more for the future – the series will offer practical tips and strategies to help you on your financial health journey.

What you’ll learn:

  • Essential money concepts to grow your wealth and financial health
  • How to grow your savings and reach your goals
  • The basics of budgeting so you're in control of your money
  • How to mage debt smartly to build your future and avoid financial stress
  • What a credit score is and why it matters
  • Successful investing to make your dreams a reality

How does it work?

The Live Better Academy is an online platform, so you need to have an internet connection to access the courses.  But, when you visit the Live Better Academy, the platform will not cost you any data, because we pay for the data you use. You can complete the courses using your PC, tablet or smartphone.

To keep the learning fun, the platform is gamified. You will earn points and badges as you engage, complete courses and answer questions. There is also a leader board where you can see your ranking according to your total points.

Each course is broken down into smaller modules, which should take around 5­­ – 10 minutes to complete.