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Live Better with Nicolette Mashile

Focused on inspiring listeners to build a better financial future, this local podcast, powered by Capitec, features prominent guests such as Maya Fisher-French, Khaya Dlanga and K.O. Each episode takes a look at how your beliefs, relationships, lifestyles and money are connected – and what you can do to make healthier life decisions and decisions about your money. Episodes are available for free download.

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Other great independent personal finance podcasts:


The Fat Wallet Show

This award-winning South African personal finance podcast covers your questions on all things money – budgeting, investing, repaying debt, insurance of all types and everything in between. The hosts keep it simple and relatable – and it's hilarious!

Warning: the hosts use colourful language, but there is also a censored version available.

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Maya on Money

Well-known financial journalist and author Maya Fisher-French talks about the day-to-day money decisions related to South African finance matters and shares simple and practical tips that anyone can apply.

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