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Home loan

Whether you want to buy your first home or switch your existing home loan, let us make it a reality. Apply online in 4 easy steps!

Benefits of a Capitec home loan

  • It's quick and easyapply online in 4 easy steps
  • You could get a more competitive interest rate based on your personal profile, and up to 50% off bond attorney fees
  • You're in control, track your application online at any stage of the process
  • You get a dedicated property finance consultant who will guide and support you through each step of the process
  • You can apply if you’re permanently employed OR self-employed
  • Use our unique affordability calculator for a detailed breakdown of all the costs you'll need to prepare for
Apply for a home loan

Get a new home loan

Buying a new home is exciting! Use our affordability calculator before you start shopping around.

Switch your existing home loan

You could pay a lower interest rate and monthly instalment. This will free up some money in your monthly budget.

Other possible benefits include:

  • Access to any extra value in your property (known as equity – a once-off cash amount you could get out)
  • Use any equity you get to reduce your short-term debt, do home improvements or towards education
  • You don't have to worry about paying new bond or home loan registration fees upfront. You can finance these costs as part of your Capitec home loan
  • Switching your bond is a simple process. Complete the application online in 5 –10 minutes and we’ll take care of all the paperwork

Read more about a home loan application in our frequently asked questions.

How to apply

Apply online in 4 easy steps or visit your nearest branch.

Documents required

While you don’t need any documents to apply, you might be asked to supply documents at a later stage

Government employees

If you're a government employee applying for a new home loan or switching your existing bond, you could get a discounted interest rate. To qualify, you must use the Government Employee Housing Scheme (GEHS) stop order to SA Home Loans.

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Capitec Home Loans is brought to you by SA Home Loans. Capitec Bank originates the application on behalf of SA Home Loans. Although the home loan is branded Capitec Home Loans, it is SA Home Loans (and not Capitec) that will assess and approve your credit application.  A credit provider which is managed by SA Home Loans will enter into the credit agreement with you as the borrower. Capitec Bank is an authorised financial services provider (FSP 46669) and a registered credit provider (NCRCP13). SA Home Loans is a registered credit provider (NCRCP1735).  SAHL Investment Holdings, the holding company of SA Home Loans, is an authorised financial service provider (FSP 2428) and a registered credit provider (NCRCP1724).