How to qualify for credit

See what you need to get credit, and easy ways to apply online. No branch visit needed!

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Before you apply for credit, make sure:


  • You are 18 years or older


  • You are permanently employed, self-employed, earn other income or earn a pension
  • The minimum income requirement for a credit card application is R5 000, and R10 000 for self-employed clients


  • You have your original SA ID document
  • Your latest salary slip
  • A bank statement showing your latest 3 consecutive salary deposits (only if the salary is not paid into your Capitec account)


  • You haven't been handed over, sequestered or placed under debt review/administration


How to apply

  1. Online or on our app
  2. Call us on 0860 66 77 89
  3. Visit a branch


Credit comparison tips

  • Look at the total repayment amount over the full term
  • While the interest rate is an important factor, don't let it be the only one
  • Understand the fees (once-off initiation fee and monthly service fee) and consider credit insurance (we offer this free on loans 6 months or longer)
  • Download our free Good for Credit booklet for tips on how to handle credit