Pay smart with PayShap

Use PayShap to make or receive instant payments to or from any bank.

Make easy, fast and safe instant payments with PayShap. Payments up to R100 are free. 


What is PayShap? 

  • A digital payment solution designed to make instant payments to and from other banks  
  • To make or receive a payment, all you need is a cellphone number (ShapID) 

What is a ShapID?

A unique number that can be used to receive PayShap payments. At Capitec, your ShapID is made up of your cellphone number plus @capitecbank, e.g. 0840000000@capitecbank.  

To receive instant payments from any bank using your cellphone number, you will need to set Capitec as your main bank.  


Here’s how: 

Set Capitec as your main bank on our app:

  1. Sign in on our app and tap the menu in the top right corner (3 dots) 
  2. Choose Settings and tap PayShap Settings 
  3. Set Capitec as your main bank  

Set Capitec as your main bank on  USSD:

  1. Dial *120*3279# and select Settings
  2. Choose PayShap Settings and accept T&C's
  3. Confirm with your Remote PIN

Already set another bank as your main bank? You’ll first need to deregister your Primary ShapID from the other bank before you can set Capitec as your main bank. 


Make instant payments with PayShap 

  1. Sign in and tap Transact 
  2. Select PayShap, then enter cellphone number or ShapID 
  3. Choose Bank and enter payment amount 
  4. Enter Remote PIN and pay 

Note: You can make payments on our app, *120*3279# or using the self-service terminal in branches