Update limits

Set your card limits to shop online and on your favourite apps.

Update your daily limits online for your Capitec global one card


See below how to update your spending limits to avoid declined transactions.

Once set up, you’ll approve your online purchases on our banking app or with an SMS that contains a One Time PIN (OTP).

Note: Your online shopping limit is not the same as your card purchase or ATM limits, and must be set separately.

  1. Choose Cards
  2. Sign in with your Remote PIN
  3. If you have more than one card, choose the card you want to use
  4. Tap Update Limits
  5. Tap Update
  6. Enter your daily limit for Online/ scan to pay/phone
  7. Accept the agreement



  1. Sign in with your password/Remote PIN
  2. Click View my list of cards
  3. Select the relevant card
  4. Click Update daily card limits
  5. Enter your permanent/temporary daily limit for Online/Telephone/ Mail Purchases
  6. Accept the agreement by clicking Update daily card limits

A service consultant will help you to increase your card limits.


Authentication process

On our app

  1. After checkout, you'll receive an in-app notification
  2. Choose either ApproveCancel or Suspect Fraud
  3. Enter your Remote app PIN to authorise the transaction 

If you can’t authenticate using our app, you will be sent an SMS that contains a One Time PIN (OTP).
The SMS OTP replaces the *120*3279# online shopping authentication method.


  1. After checkout you will receive an SMS notification with a 6-digit OTP to the phone number associated with your bank account (verified cellphone number)
  2. Enter the OTP on the merchant website to authorise the transaction and finalise the purchase