Learn the lingo

There’s a lot of complicated speak in banking so we’ve put some common banking terms and their definitions together to help you. If you’re after something specific, search for it by voice or text now.

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Administration order

Court order that stops all further debt-collecting procedures against you and places your financial affairs under the control of an administrator. These orders are typically applied for when someone is struggling to settle their debts.


Anniversary date

Date that runs exactly on a month-to-month basis from the date that you open a fixed-term savings account. E.g. If you fix a flexible savings account (or open a fixed-term savings account) on 15 December for 6 months, the anniversary dates will be 15 January, 15 February, etc.


Automatic teller machine (ATM)

ATMs are machines that typically allow you to do account enquiries, transfer money and get cash.