Managing your credit card

Managing your credit card well helps to improve your credit score and to protect your credit profile.

managing your credit card

A strong credit profile important?

Creditors use the information in your credit profile to help them make a decision to grant you credit when you apply. A good credit score makes it easier to get credit in the future.


1. Deposit your salary and other income into your bank account 

  • Paying your income into your credit card account keeps your balance high, earning you more interest

2. Make sure you keep enough money in all your bank accounts 

  • If you’re using debit orders, keeping enough money in your accounts means that payments aren’t returned for non-payment, saving you debit order rejection fees

3. Make regular repayments and extra payments, and on time

  • Late or non-payment is recorded on your credit profile, and you pay more interest and extra penalty fees too
  • If you are unable to pay on time, contact us before payments are due to make alternative arrangements
  • Paying more than the minimum amount reduces your outstanding balances quicker, helping to keep the cost of credit down

4. Stay within 30% of your credit card limit

  • You save on interest repayments
  • If you regularly use up to your credit limits, future creditors view it as distressed borrowing which can indicate you’re living beyond your means and can’t afford credit
  • The amount of debt you have compared to your income also affects your credit score. If it's high compared to your income, your score is lower

5. Check your budget regularly

  • Your budget is your money plan and puts you in control of your money. It helps you decide on your spending priorities and to avoid unexpected money shortages
  • Revise it where necessary to help you meet payment obligations if you see that you might start struggling

To learn more about how to manage your credit card to work in your favour, download our free Good for Credit booklet


Use our app to help you manage your credit card

Our app makes managing your card easier, helping to improve your credit score and build a strong credit profile.

  • Transfer money from your main account to your credit card, or from straight to budget
  • Track your spending and view your transaction history
  • Update daily card limits for withdrawals and card machine purchases
  • Email statements from your phone
  • View and dispute unauthorised debit orders

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