Let’s talk about #TheFWords: Flexibility

In the fourth article of our #TheFWords series, we explore the need for flexibility in financial arrangements, being able to change along with your family’s needs.

flexibility in financial arrangements

As your family grows, so too will its needs. It’s normal for your family to go through a number of changes, but that also means you’ll need different things at different times to support it through these shifts.


Young and carefree

Being young should afford you the luxury of not having to think about the end of life for a while. But as we’ve seen in recent years, we should be prepared for anything because nothing is guaranteed.

While you’re young, you may have the responsibility of looking after your parents and even extended family. It’s smart to be financially prepared for the eventuality of losing a loved one, and having a funeral plan is part of that.


Growing families

With starting a family comes the costs of expanding to meet a new set of requirements. You’ll need to factor in things like more living space, childcare, clothing, food and education.

As our parents become grandparents, their work life will wind down and we may find ourselves supporting them if they have needs beyond their means. A flexible funeral plan where you can add them as dependants at a cost that’s set by what you can afford, will offer invaluable peace of mind.


The joy of old age

With age comes experience and recognising the importance of planning. As we become aware of how our own needs have changed, we see our children facing the same milestones we did and the challenges that come with them.

With that wisdom comes the understanding that we need to put plans in place to ensure that we’re comfortable and at peace, so we can enjoy the last decades of our lives.

Having saved or taken out life insurance policies along the way to ensure our families are looked after when we’re gone, there’s a similar incentive to have a funeral policy in place. A funeral policy ensures that no financial strain is added to the massive emotional burden that comes with losing a loved one.

The ability to look after yourself is a gift, but the ability to extend that to the rest of the family is the ultimate gift.


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