Cut your fuel bill

Simple changes to the way you travel and drive could mean big savings at the pump.

how to cut your fuel bill

Save at the pumps the next time you fill up.


Bank on the go

Instead of travelling to the shops to pay accounts, make payments using your cellphone or the Internet. You can also use debit orders and save time by not having to do anything at all.


Use your card instead of cash

Cash is expensive. Use your Global One card to pay for fuel the next time you fill up and save with zero transaction fees. 


Before you buy a new car

When deciding which car to buy, think about its fuel efficiency. Asking the right questions can help you save the next time you fill up.


Use public transport

If possible, use public transport. You’ll save on fuel and vehicle wear and tear. Because you’ll be driving less, you’ll also increase the time till your next service.


Form a lift club

Find out if there are people who live and work close to you with the same or similar traveling times. Remember to keep track of the fuel spend and who owes what.


Work from home or flexitime

If your company allows it, work from home once or twice a week. You could also arrange your working times to arrive and leave later, avoiding peak traffic and the associated increased fuel use.


Plan your trips

Instead of a single trip to the shops for groceries, plan your trip so that you can do any admin you need to as well.


Change your driving behaviour

Increase and decrease speed gradually – avoid sudden acceleration and dead stops. A sudden increase in speed means your engine has to work harder, using more fuel. Instead, take note of the traffic around and ahead of you and adjust your speed accordingly. Make sure that you’re using the right gear so that your engine doesn’t end up working too hard and using more fuel than necessary.


Check your tyre pressure

Make it a habit to check your tyre pressure every time you put petrol or diesel into your vehicle. Under-inflated tyres increase the resistance between your vehicle and the road. According to the AA, tyres inflated to the right pressure can improve the distance you travel on a tank by up to 3.3%.


Service your car regularly

A properly maintained vehicle will perform the way it’s supposed to. Regular services means your engine is functioning properly, helping to reduce your fuel use.


Travel light

Don’t carry anything you don’t need to in your boot. The lighter your vehicle, the less your engine has to work, saving you fuel.


Use air conditioning sparingly

Your car’s air conditioner draws power from your engine, causing it to work harder and use more fuel.

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