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    go cashless

    The Global One card is linked to your transaction/savings account and gives you access to a cashless payment system. You can also bank on the go with our Remote Banking services.

    Daily card limits

    Cash withdrawals up to
    R5 000

    Card machine purchases up to R50 000

    Local online shopping and telephone/mail orders up to R50 000

    International online shopping and telephone/mail orders are limited to R50 000 per transaction up to your permanent daily limit of
    R50 000.

    Daily card limits can be increased for 3 days to
    R120 000 using our cellphone banking app, Internet banking or by visiting your nearest branch.

    What’s in it for me?

    Take a look at the benefits of transacting with Global One to see how simple and easy banking can be:

    • A transaction/savings account and up to 4 extra savings plans
    • Zero purchase fees worldwide when using your card to pay for your shopping, accounts and fuel
    • Zero purchase fees worldwide when using your card for online shopping and telephone or mail orders
    • Cash withdrawals for R1.60 at PnP, Shoprite, Checkers and Boxer tills
    • Lower ATM withdrawal fees – fixed no matter how much you draw
    • Lower-priced recurring payments (stop orders) and debit orders
    • Secure, low-cost money transfers
    • Remote Banking – bank on the go using your cellphone or on the Internet
    • Use your card wherever you see the Mastercard® logo
    • Use your Global O​ne card worldwide