go cash-free

Move to simpler banking. Go cash-free with our new card – just tap to pay and you’re on your way. Debit or credit, our Global One card gives you many ways to access your money and transact worldwide.

go cash-free

What’s in it for me?

Take a look at the benefits of transacting with Global One to see how simple and easy banking can be:

  • Tap to pay with your Global One debit or credit card
  • A transaction/savings account and up to 4 extra savings plans
  • Zero purchase fees worldwide when using your card to pay for your shopping, accounts, and fuel
  • Zero purchase fees worldwide when using your card for online shopping and telephone or mail orders
  • Cash withdrawals for R1.20 at PnP, Shoprite, Checkers and Boxer tills
  • Lower ATM withdrawal fees 
  • Lower-priced recurring payments (stop orders) and debit orders
  • Secure, low-cost money transfers
  • Remote Banking – bank on the go using your cellphone or on the Internet
  • Use your card wherever you see the Mastercard® logo
  • Use your Global O​ne card worldwide

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