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A place specifically for our shareholders – info on corporate actions at Capitec and the latest news on share prices, dividends, our calendar, and stock exchange info.


Stock exchange and administration details

Short name Registration number
Capitec Bank Holdings LimitedCAPITEC1999/025903/06
Capitec Bank LimitedCAPITEC BANK1980/003695/06
Capitec ordinary share codeCP1
Capitec preference share codeCPIP
Capitec Bank bond codesCBL
Capitec was listed2002

AuditorsDeloitte and PricewaterhouseCoopers Inc
DirectorsFull bios in our annual report
Full bios in our annual reportYolande Mouton, [T] +27 21 809 5900


Shareholders calendar

Financial year end29/02/2024
Profit announcement23/04/2024
Annual report23/04/2024
Annual general meeting31/05/2024
Interim report01/10/2024

Ordinary dividend 2024Salient dates
Last date to trade to be considered for the dividend payment14/05/2024
Record date in respect of the dividend payment17/05/2024
Payment date20/05/2024
Preference dividend 2024Salient dates
Last date to trade to be considered for the dividend payment18/03/2024
Record date in respect of the dividend payment22/03/2024
Payment date25/03/2024

Registered address:
5 Neutron Road
Techno Park
Postal address:
PO Box 12451
Die Boord



The ordinary share and preference share dividend history is available below (Dividend Tax of 20% is applicable since February 2017).

Financial yearAmountPayment date
Final dividend 20243 345c/share20/05/2024
Interim dividend 20241 530c/share23/10/2023
Final dividend 20232 800c/share15/05/2023
Interim dividend 20231 400c/share24/10/2022
Final dividend 20222 440c/share09/05/2022
Special dividend 20221 500c/share09/05/2022
Interim dividend 20221 200c/share25/10/2021
Final dividend 20211 600c/share10/05/2021
Interim dividend 2021-*-*
Final dividend 2020-*-*
Interim dividend 2020755c/share04/11/2019
Final dividend 20191 120c/share25/03/2019
Interim dividend 2019630c/share22/10/2018
Final dividend 2018945c/share23/04/2018
Interim dividend 2018525c/share23/10/2017
Final dividend 2017800c/share24/04/2017
Interim dividend 2017450c/share17/10/2016
Final dividend 2016680c/share25/04/2016
Interim dividend 2016375c/share26/10/2015
Final dividend 2015590c/share20/04/2015
Interim dividend 2015246c/share27/10/2014
Final dividend 2014460c/share22/04/2014
Interim dividend 2014203c/share21/10/2013
Final dividend 2013405c/share22/04/2013
Interim dividend 2013169c/share22/10/2012
Final dividend 2012300c/share26/04/2012
Interim dividend 2012125/share05/12/2011
Final dividend 2011205c/share27/06/2011
Interim dividend 201185c/share06/12/2010
Final dividend 2010155c/share21/06/2010
Interim dividend 201055c/share07/12/2009
Final dividend 2009110c/share15/06/2009
Interim dividend 200930c/share01/12/2008
Final dividend 200875c/share17/06/2008
Interim dividend 200825c/share03/12/2007
Final dividend 200760c/share18/06/2007
Interim dividend 200720c/share04/12/2006
Final dividend 200645c/share12/06/2006
Final dividend 200530c/share13/06/2005
Final dividend 200420c/share14/06/2004
Final dividend 200319c/share17/06/2003

*Note: No 2020 final or 2021 interim ordinary dividend was declared, in response to Guidance Note 4/2020 issued by the Prudential Authority on 6 April 2020, due to COVID-19

Financial yearAmountPayment date
Final dividend 2024488.22c/share25/03/2024
Interim dividend 2024480.35c/share26/09/2023
Final dividend 2023417.45c/share20/03/2023
Interim dividend 2023343.08c/share26/09/2022
Final dividend 2022296.91c/share22/03/2022
Interim dividend 2022294.05c/share20/09/2021
Final dividend 2021289.26c/share23/03/2021
Interim dividend 2021326.30c/share21/09/2020
Final dividend 2020413.00c/share23/03/2020
Interim dividend 2020428.07c/share23/09/2019
Final dividend 2019418.82c/share25/03/2019
Interim dividend 2019421.67c/share25/09/2018
Final dividend 2018423.56c/share26/03/2018
Interim dividend 2018438.68c/share26/09/2017
Final dividend 2017433.89c/share20/03/2017
Interim dividend 2017440.11c/share26/09/2016
Final dividend 2016404.21c/share29/03/2016
Interim dividend 2016390.79c/share28/09/2015
Final dividend 2015382.23c/share23/03/2015
Interim dividend 2015380.64c/share22/09/2014
Final dividend 2014354.67c/share31/03/2014
Interim dividend 2014357.06c/share23/09/2013
Final dividend 2013351.24c/share25/03/2013
Interim dividend 2013373.16c/share25/09/2012
Final dividend 2012336.58c/share26/03/2012
Interim dividend 2012340.27c/share26/11/2011
Final dividend 2011343.77c/share28/03/2011
Interim dividend 2011380.65c/share27/11/2010
Final dividend 2010390.51c/share23/03/2010
Interim dividend 2010450.41c/share25/11/2009
Final dividend 2009564.55c/share20/03/2009
Interim dividend 2009571.13c/share19/11/2008
Final dividend 2008527.77c/share20/03/2008
Interim dividend 2008482.26c/share21/09/2007
Final dividend 2007452.26c/share23/03/2007