Scan, pay and you're on your way

The improved Capitec Masterpass™ app, powered by Mastercard®, stores all your payment and billing information in one central, secure location.

Capitec Masterpass app


Capitec Masterpass is a digital wallet that simplifies the payment process by storing all your payment information in one location. With the improved app you confirm your purchases by simply entering your card PIN, the same one you use at a card machine or an ATM.

Better yet, it's free to download and use, all you need is data.


Get Capitec Masterpass

  • Download the app from your Android or iOS app store
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • Load your personal, billing and shipping information
  • Load your Global One card
  • There is no limit to the number of additional cards that can be loaded
  • Choose a Masterpass profile password (only used to edit your profile information)

Remember: To use your Capitec debit or credit card on Masterpass, you must set your online limit.


It's convenient and secure

  • Load as many cards from any major bank as you want – you choose which one to pay with
  • Pay for meals, bills, online shopping and flight tickets
  • Receipts for all your payments are stored in the app for you
  • Capitec Masterpass keeps your card numbers and information private and secure
  • Your money is safe as payments are cashless

Where to use it

  • Any retailers displaying the major QR codes, e.g. Masterpass, SnapScan and Zapper
  • Businesses that support Masterpass include, and Mango airlines for flight bookings

If you don't see your favourite shop on the list, ask them to contact us.


Pay at restaurants and online merchants

Pay anywhere you see a Masterpass, SnapScan or Zapper QR code, and even at checkout when shopping online.

  • Scan: Open the app and scan the QR code or enter the numeric code
  • Pay: Enter the amount. If you have more than one card, choose which one you want to use
  • PIN: Enter your bank card PIN to authorise the payment (you might be asked to enter your CVC/CVV number on your first purchase)
  • You’ll get an e-receipt to confirm your payment