Is it time to break up with your bank and switch to us?

Need a change? Switch to us today if you're tired of high fees and complicated rewards programmes.

breaking up with your bank

We're all tired of getting less than what we pay for.

So why stay with a bank that takes without giving you anything back?

It’s never been easier to switch to us. You can switch online or say “Hello” to us on WhatsApp 067 418 9565 and choose “Switch to Capitec”.


Why should you switch?

  1. Reach your Bank Better goals and spend on your Capitec credit card to get up to 5% cash back with SA’s Best Financial Services Loyalty Programme.
  2. Get data and minutes that don’t expire with Capitec Connect
  3. Bank on our app and manage your banking from your phone. Tap with Apple, Google and Samsung Pay, and check out quick-quick with Capitec Pay.


What are you waiting for?

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