Do you have lazy money?

While most people work hard for their money, their money isn’t working for them. Right now, there’s R295 billion in lazy money in South Africa. Money that’s simply sitting in transactional accounts earning no interest. If that money earned just 4.75% interest, it would put over R14 billion extra into the pockets of South Africans each year.

Lazy money Capitec

When you look at the money in your daily transactional account – is it growing, or is your bank simply charging you to keep your money there? Or perhaps you first have to move it into a savings plan before you start to earn interest. The fact is, if your money doesn’t earn interest from the moment it’s in your account – it’s lazy.

That’s where Capitec’s Global One facility has pioneered the way forward, giving our clients interest on their daily balances from the first cent – the way banking should be.


Let your money work for you

When using Capitec as your main bank account, your money earns interest. That means your money starts growing simply by having your salary paid into your Capitec account. There’s certainly nothing lazy about that! As long as you have a positive balance with Capitec, your money is growing. 

Some of the benefits of our main savings account: 


Say no to lazy money

It’s time to start earning your share of the R14 billion in interest available to South Africans. Whether you’re saving for a specific goal or are simply tired of having lazy money, start making your money work for you with Global One. 

  • Not yet a Capitec client? Visit a Capitec branch with your valid ID document
  • Already a Capitec client, but you don’t use it as your main account? Start making your lazy money work for you. Give your account details to your employer to deposit your salary with Capitec or switch your debit orders at a branch. To switch your debit orders you’ll need your latest bank statement along with the Debit Order Authorisation form. If you are liable to pay tax in a country other than South Africa, we require your foreign tax number

Let your money work even harder

With Global One, you also get access to 4 free savings plans, which you can name after your financial goals. Choose between flexible, fixed or tax-free savings plans

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