Switch to the best way to bank

What if there was a simple, affordable way to help make your financial goals a reality?


Capitec’s innovative approach to banking gives you more control over your money. With transparent fees you know exactly what you get and what you pay, making the journey to achieving your dreams that much easier. Take the opportunity to make 2019 the year you bank better with our top money tips:


Pay less, save more

Banking on your phone, the Internet, and using your card to make payments saves you time and money. It’s also safer.

You could be one of the Capitec clients who earn more in interest than what they pay on bank fees every month. Start by switching your salary and debit orders at a branch today. Here are some other low fees to help you on your financial journey:

  • R0 for card purchases 
  • R1 for electronic payments 
  • R5 admin fee for all savings accounts 
  • R6 per R1 000 to draw cash at a Capitec ATM; R8 per R1 000 to draw cash at another bank’s ATM 
  • R8 for an immediate electronic payment to another bank

Go digital

Avoid long queues waiting to use an ATM and the safety risk of carrying cash by switching to digital banking. Bank anywhere, 24/7 using the Capitec cellphone banking app and save time and money by:

  • Paying people and accounts
  • Transfering money between your accounts 
  • Viewing your transaction history 
  • Emailing your bank statements 
  • Buying airtime, data, SMS bundles 
  • Stopping lost and stolen cards 
  • Updating your daily card limits 
  • Registering for SMS notifications 
  • Creating and tracking your budget 
  • Stopping and disputing debit orders

Have a backup plan

Saving for emergencies prepares you for unexpected expenses. This can help you get through difficult times and save you from taking credit you can’t afford. Use your one of your 4 free savings plans you get with your Global One facility  and set up a stop order to make saving easier. You can also name your savings plans according to your goals.

Although we might not like to think about it, a funeral plan should also form part of your planning for unexpected expenses. With the Capitec Funeral Plan, underwritten by Centriq Life Insurance Company Limited, you can cover for up to 21 dependants. Apply on our app or visit a branch for help.


Learn from your bank statement

Your bank statement can tell you a lot about your banking behaviour and how to manage your money better. Spend some time looking over yours to see what you are spending your money on every month. Identify how much you spent on wants and needs and commit to cut down on your unnecessary expenses.

Use our app to check your transaction history or to email your stamped bank statements.


Use credit for the right reasons

Credit can improve your life, as long as you are responsible and use it for the right reasons. Before you borrow money, ask why you want to borrow it – is it for a need or a want? Is credit the best way to pay for it? Can you afford the repayments? What must you give up to afford the credit payments? How stable is your income and employment?

Never take more credit than you can afford to pay back. Too much debt can ruin your cash flow meaning you may need to borrow more money. The interest on your debt can add up to hundreds of rands every month. 

Consider both the benefits and consequences of a loan, not just how low your instalment will be. You may be paying less per month, but could end up paying more over the total loan term.


Travel with your Capitec card

Make the most of your travel experience by using your Capitec card when shopping abroad. You pay zero currency conversion fees when using your Capitec card to pay for card machine purchases worldwide wherever you see the Mastercard® logo. 

Need travel insurance before you fly? If you’re a client under the age of 75, and you purchase and pay for the full cost of your flight ticket with your Capitec credit card, you’ll automatically receive free basic travel insurance. You may also opt in for comprehensive top-up cover at your own cost if additional cover is required.

Switch to the best way to bank today. Pay affordable fees and bank simply, anywhere 24/7. Download our app or visit a branch, we’ll help you.

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