Capitec Foundation Empowering Math Learners

The Capitec Foundation Makes a Difference to Maths Learners Across South Africa

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Learners from Spes Bona High School in the Western Cape enjoy their new Mathematics learning hub sponsored by the Capitec Foundation.

10 years ago, Capitec identified a skills shortage in our country, particularly in fields where mathematics is essential. And so, it became the quest of the Capitec Foundation and its Head Leela Moodley, to address the mathematical gaps between where the skills of our learners are, and where they should be.

“The Capitec Foundation goes into public schools in South Africa in the more disadvantaged communities and we try to uplift the Mathematics eco-system in the school with a holistic approach to doing that.”

The Capitec Foundation Trust operates as an independent, non-profit, with its sole benefactor being Capitec. Its focus is to empower South Africa’s youth to choose Pure Maths in Grade 10 and secure a strong pass in grade 12, thus creating opportunities for them to have sustainable futures.

The foundation’s Whole School Approach entails the creation of ecosystems at selected high schools that support a Pure Maths and learning culture, through development of school leadership, teachers and learners. The programme is innovative, using modern teaching methods to support learners by empowering them to study smarter and they have found that what really hooks them into engaging with Mathematics, is technology.

Head of Operations, Mischkha Naicker, shares, “The access to technology is very limited in South Africa, especially the communities that we serve. So, the Capitec Foundation enables the schools with the entire infrastructure they require.”

After the Capitec Foundation has shortlisted the schools, they do a full feasibility study to see if the necessary Wi-Fi capabilities are available in the area. Once the school is selected, the foundation then springs into action by upgrading the facilities where necessary - including repairing any structural issues and providing all requirements like desks and chairs. Next, all resources, such as Wi-Fi, are installed and then finally, the technology to support the programme is brought in to make learning as accessible as possible.

“This Capitec Foundation programme has helped me to boost my confidence and my attitude in Mathematics. At first, I didn’t like Maths and I found it confusing and hard but now, I love it. It has become my favourite subject,” says Spes Bona Grade 9 learner, Amyoli Fungile.
Principal, Nazilee Martinus, is now confident that they are now able to provide learners with the stepping stones to rise to greater heights thanks to the Capitec Foundation.

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