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The Capitec Foundation

Education is the key to improving the lives of South Africans. Established in 2014, the Capitec Foundation is creating a better future for young people by giving more learners access to tertiary education opportunities, with the ultimate goal of making them more employable. 
The Capitec Foundation is actively involved in mathematics education programmes and tutoring programmes, and learning wellbeing training. This is our tenth year of investment in the leadership programme, with targeted training for school principals in school management; establishing communities of practice, fostering networking among peers, and providing exposure to experienced professionals for their growth and development. 
We focus on a “Whole School” approach to strengthen mathematics education in South African schools – an important gateway subject for tertiary education. Our aim is to enable a pipeline of strong maths learners that can move into scarce skills spaces. 
The Foundation's Whole School approach involves:

  • School leadership development
  • In-service mathematics teacher development
  • A maths programme that aims to improve the performance of learners through technology hubs that support digitally-enabled learning and face-to-face maths tutoring.
  • The development of future maths teachers through personal and professional empowerment and a platform for experiential learning.
  • A scalable support platform that facilitates collaboration, access to resources, data collection and reporting & quality management.

Volunteering to make a difference

Getting involved and giving back on a more personal level is important to our employees. Be it giving some of their time, sharing their knowledge or learning a new skill, our Employee Volunteer Programme enables people to step out of their daily routine and do something that has the potential to change someone’s life for the better. 
We provide 3 volunteer leave days per year, and encourage our people to use them to contribute towards the upliftment and development of their communities. Employees can sign up for organised and skills-based volunteering initiatives, undertake divisional and group projects, or volunteer in their individual capacities.

A culture of financial wellbeing 

We see improving the financial lives of South Africans as a priority, and we’re working towards this goal by empowering and inspiring people with actionable and relatable financial education. 
To this purpose, we’ve created sources of learning and inspiration to measurably improve financial knowledge and habits.

  • Budget Champs is an exciting card game for schools that supports Grade 7 financial literacy topics. Our enthusiastic employee volunteers are trained to facilitate these sessions at schools nationwide.
  • Capitec’s free online financial education platform, the Live Better Academy, offers short courses with a gamified experience, covering topics such as habits for financial success, using debt smartly and reaching money goals.
  • With MoneyUp Chat on WhatsApp, people can learn about money through an interactive chatbot experience. Topics such as building a credit score, budgeting to save, compound interest, inflation and debt repayment come alive through a friendly and conversational delivery.

We prioritise consumer fraud awareness education on multiple channels, and we enable easy access to educational content by integrating our financial education solutions in our client engagement journeys and banking experiences. Capitec will continue to work towards a better financial future for our clients and South Africa – because, better never rests. 


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