Pet-sitting & other legit ways of making money part-time

Whether it’s for student fees, lunch money, a dream holiday or that overpriced ticket for the music festival you have to go to, you want bucks in the bank.


Conventional casual jobs like waiting tables or promo work can be exhausting. Why not try your hand at these part-time money spinners to secure the bags?



What? Helping students and school kids reach their academic goals with one-on-one extra classes. 

Why? Because you can do it on your terms: tutor the subjects, grades and hours that suit you. And pay it forward.

Who? If you’re a smarty pants with lots of patience.  

How? Check out ads on campus or sign up with tutoring services in your area. Have a look at these established agencies online: Turtlejar, TeachMe2, Bright Sparkz.

Bag? Tutors can get paid between R130 and R250 per hour. Some clients will also cover your petrol or transport fees, so don’t be shy to ask. 



What? Caring for someone else’s fur babies while they swan around the Seychelles.

Why? Because it doesn’t take up much of your time, and if you’re lucky you’ll end up house-sitting, too, that could result in earning even more money.

Who? Must love dogs. Well, and cats. Come to think of it, you might even be asked to look after a pet llama, rat or a parrot, so best suited to those who love all pets furry or flighted. 

How? Put an ad up at your local vet, and put the word out on your neighbourhood Facebook group. You stand to save the most if you can service pet-friendly homes in your area.  

Bag? Walking the dog? You can charge anywhere from R60 to R100 to walk one dog, for one hour. Most people charge a discounted rate per extra pet. If you’re sleeping over or spending more time entertaining and feeding the animals, you could earn upwards of R200 per night. 


Reselling your textbooks

What? Making some money back by selling old textbooks you’d just as happily recycle. 

Why? Because you’ve probably got to fork out for new books too. And a student who is a year or 2 behind you, could benefit from buying your old tomes, especially if you happened to jot down some key points in the margins. 

Who? Second years, graduates and university seniors.

How? Post on your Facebook and/or Insta. Also try the library at your university, they may know of students looking for second-hand books. A word of warning: make sure your books are in good nick, no one wants books that are tatty or worse, missing important pages. 

Bag? This avenue probably won’t pave the way to Paris. But you’ll make some money, and if you’re sitting on loads of old books, maybe you’ll even scrape enough together to dance until dawn at that festival.  



What? Converting audio into written text.

Why? Because you can work from the comfort of your couch.  

Who? If you are good with grammar and have a fluent command of the language in question (audio recordings are often – but not exclusively – in English). Touch typing skills not essential, but definitely a bonus.  

How? You play the audio file, you type up the info. Easy peasy. 

Bag? Transcription rates range from around R25 per audio minute up to R35 and more per audio minute for a rush job. Your best bet is to sign up with an agency. Be forewarned: you’ll most likely be required to do a typing test on application.  


Acting as an agency extra

What? Standing around waiting for someone to call ‘action’ on set of an advertisement, a show or a movie. 

Why? No experience required, therefore no audition process, so you don’t have to sit through time-wasting castings. Just show up on time and strut your stuff. 

Who? If you don’t mind a camera pointed at your face and you can do as you’re told. 

How? Loads of international agencies shoot in Cape Town because rates are so favourable. The official ‘season’ for bigger ads and films runs from about November until February, but smaller productions crop up throughout the year. Try, they welcome any new additions to their portfolio. A R150 sign-up fee includes head shots.  

Bag? Largely dependent on the client, but a day rate upwards of R650.


Mystery shopping

What? Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to visit shops undercover and give feedback on their products and level of service.

Why? Because it’s cash in hand. Most companies will pay you on submission of your report, so it’s a quick way to make some money. 

Who? If you’re honest, have an eye for detail, a good memory, and can write up a rigorous report.

How? Market research companies hire mystery shoppers to get an unbiased opinion about a client’s product, their staff and the state of their store. Take notes but be discreet. You’ll most likely be required to present your findings in the form of a report. Download the app Secret Agent to find mystery shopping jobs in your area or contact a few marketing agencies and see if they’re hiring.  

Bag? Pay cheques vary greatly as fees are dependent on the scope of work and the time spent in store. You could earn from R300 upwards per visit, as long you and your findings are professional. 



What? Fussing over babies (duh), toddlers and tweens while their parents escape the house. 

Who? If you’ve got endless patience, if you’re great at games, if you can put a peg on your nose and change a nappy, you’ll do just fine.  

How? Put the word out to friends and family and neighbours, or make up a small flyer and drop it at day care centres in your area. If you know your local doctor well enough, ask if you can put a notice up in their reception area. Important to note that having a recent police clearance is a plus. These are people’s kids after all, they need to know you can be trusted. There are also some great babysitting agencies you can join, try:

Why? You’ll probably work in the evenings, so you don’t need to cut class. And, if you’re lucky, once the kids are down you can catch something on Netflix.

Bag? The going rate is about R50 per hour. If you are going to stay all night, consider charging a flat fee of around R500. 


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