Capitec launches innovative mobile game

Ready to test your money skills by playing a mobile game? Livin’ it Up, Capitec’s new mobile game, will sharpen your financial skills in a virtual world, while you can pick up money tips for real life.


Users play as different characters, all trying to achieve typical financial goals South Africans are striving to save for, like buying a car. They are required to use savvy money management strategies to deal with work and life events, including (occasional) load-shedding, while trying to save enough money to achieve their characters’ long-term goals. In the process, they get to design their own 3D homes and play a variety of ‘career’ minigames.

Launched in September, the game is getting a great reception because of its fresh, innovative approach to building South Africans’ financial capability. It allows users to experience the impact that different decisions can have on their financial goals.

“We want people to think differently about their money and to learn while having fun,” says Jean Rossouw, Capitec’s head of Financial Education. “The emphasis is on how you plan and prioritise your spending to balance your immediate ‘wants’ with the dreams you have for your future.”

The game will continuously be developed, with new features and challenges added on an ongoing basis. It was created for Capitec by Sea Monster, the Cape Town-based games and animation solutions provider.

By giving people agency and a safe space to learn, messages are subtly imparted and resonate deeply,” says Glenn Gillis, Sea Monster’s chief executive officer.

Ready to test your skills?
Livin’ it Up is free to download and play. The download size is less than 100MB. Once downloaded, it can be played offline. It was designed to work on phones produced within the last 3 years by major manufacturers and with at least 2GB RAM and running Android 6 or iOS 10 or above. 

Download the game now from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store to start testing your skills!

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