How to manage your craving for food delivery apps

You’re a hard-working go-getter pursuing your dreams and making financially savvy decisions for your future. But you’ve got a guilty secret: you’re ordering in most of your meals via your favourite food app.

How to manage your craving for food delivery app

It’s convenient, tasty even, but the damage that quick pizza is doing to your wallet is rarely worth it. It’s probably not reasonable to stop using food delivery apps entirely, but it might be time to limit your dependence and work towards a healthier food budget.


Delete the apps

The best way to tackle an addiction is to get rid of the temptation. At the very least, remove delivery apps from your home screen.


Prioritise your financial goals

Does spending R100 on a pizza align with what you really want to do with your money? Rather put that money into a savings plan each month and put it towards your holiday savings or to help pay off any debt.


Build your recipe repertoire

The internet offers thousands of budget-friendly recipes, from beginner level to master chef. A simple burger is easy to make at home, and healthier too. Or buy pizza dough at your local supermarket and make your own pizza for a fraction of the price of a delivery. Don’t know your spatula from your strainer? Check out recipe tutorials on YouTube if you need a helping hand.


Make a meal plan

Start by making 2 to 3 meals at home per week, preferably using recipes that require similar ingredients so you can double up. Make a list of ingredients and head for the shops at the same time every week to stock up. Don’t forget your shopping list when you go. It will help you to stay within budget and not to get overwhelmed by choices.


Cook in bulk

Some days you won’t feel like cooking, but that doesn’t mean you should reach for your phone. Make large batches of easy, satisfying recipes like pastas, roasted veg and a big pot of mince or lentils. Divide them into portions for those days when you need food fast (but not fast food).


Take turns cooking

Cooking at home can be fun and a great way to socialise. Share the task with a roommate by taking turns to cook (for both of you) or start a dinner club with friends. Not only will you eat healthier, you’ll save money too.


Plan a treat day

You need some reward for all the time spent in the kitchen. Once a week, treat yourself to a meal at a (budget-friendly) restaurant or your favourite takeaway.


Simplify your life, move to Capitec

Simplify your student life by moving to Capitec. Use the banking app to keep track of your budget and spending habits. Plus, with Global One, you’ll get 4 free savings plans and earn interest on your transactional account.

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