The 7 types of roommates

Some students are lucky enough to snag a house with friends, others end up sharing a place with complete strangers.


Here’s a guide to the different types of roommates almost all students will come across during their varsity career, and how to survive their quirks.


The Partier

Weekday or weekend, this roommate (housemate, flatmate, or whatever his or her handle) is always up for a party. If they aren’t stumbling home in the early hours of the morning, they’re collapsed on the couch nursing a bad hangover. They always know where the party’s at and are great at making new friends.

Survival tip: Set some house rules. Specify which days are okay for loud pre-drinks and late-night music, and be clear about the cut-off time. In the meantime, be open to making some friends (and get some decent earplugs).


The Borrower

There’s no such thing as private property with this flatmate. Your textbooks, toiletries, food and even clothes are all up for a temporary loan.

Survival tip: Lock important items in your bedroom or bury them deep in your cupboards.


The Star Student

This flatmate is owning the study game. They are always on budget, their future is planned, and they never leave their assignments to the last minute. They can be difficult to bond with, but you can always rely on them.

Survival tip: Invite them for a night out or make dinner for them. Their study habits might be keeping them inside a lot and they’ll probably appreciate the gesture.


The Slob

Students aren’t the neatest, but this annoying roommate takes it to the next level. Dirty dishes in the sink, food moulding in the fridge and a pile of laundry on the floor.

Survival tip: Set up a cleaning roster for the common spaces in the house. Don’t be afraid to make them stick to it.


The Sportsman

You can be sure that this roommate is always busy. Whether it’s early-morning practices, weekend matches or late-night ‘fines’, they will be in and out of the house constantly and are hard to pin down.

Survival tip: Ask this roommate to help you stay motivated when it comes to exercise. Maybe they can encourage you to go for a morning run a few times a week. 


The Lovebird

It’s two-for-the-price-of-one with this flatmate; or partner of a flatmate. Get ready for some PDA and feeling like a third wheel in your own home. On the plus side, it does mean extra company for movie and pizza nights.

Survival tip: Sometimes it might feel like you have taken on another roommate without the rent-reducing benefits. Make another entry in the house rules: regular overnight guests need to pitch in for food and utilities.


The Accountant

This is one of the best roommates to have around. They’ve laid out the household budget in a self-populating spreadsheet that details what was spent and what everyone owes. And because they’re so on top of their finances, they know how to save money and where to get a good deal.

Survival tip: Be very clear with this roommate what you can afford to contribute to the overall digs, so they can factor this into the household budget. 


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