Keep your credit card safe

Keeping your card safe helps protect you from cybercrime and identity theft.


When making cash withdrawals at the ATM

  • Have your card ready in your hand before you get to the ATM
  • Cover the PIN pad with your hand and don't let anyone see you entering your secret PIN
  • Be alert if strangers offer to help you and don't get distracted, even if you're struggling with the transaction

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When paying at shops or restaurants

  • Keep your card in plain sight at all times
  • Restaurants or garages have portable card machines that can be brought to you. If none are available, insist on accompanying the salesperson, waiter or petrol attendant to another location so you can pay with your card. This doesn't mean that while your card is not in sight that your data is being stolen – the cause for concern, however, is the possibility, which could mean the future risk of unlawful transactions
  • Register for transaction notifications to receive notifications on your cellphone for money-out transactions when your card is used

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When using your card online

  • Don't open suspicious or unfamiliar emails and never click on attachments or links in unexpected emails
  • Don't share your personal information or banking details by email, on social media or on unauthorised, unsecured websites
  • Check the website's security certificates when making an online purchase

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When banking on your phone

  • Keep your Mobile Banking PIN secret and never share it with anyone
  • You must only enter your Mobile Banking PIN when using Mobile Banking
  • Not even a Capitec Bank employee will ask you for your Mobile Banking PIN, so if anyone asks, be suspicious
  • Ensure that you don't save your PIN anywhere on your cellphone in case it gets stolen

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