Let’s talk about #TheFWords: Future

In our #TheFWords series, we’ve delved into the different sides of loss in relation to family, finances, funerals and flexibility. Now it’s time to look to the future.

Plan your financial future

Marriage. Children. A new home. Promotion. Retrenchment. Grandchildren. Retirement. Family holidays. Death.

From all-consuming joy to unspeakable heartache, there’s no predicting what the future holds. Yet with uncertainty, comes possibility. To make the most of these possibilities, you need to plan for the things you can control.

Former United States President Abraham Lincoln once said: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” This means setting goals, working to achieve them and never giving up on your dreams. But it also means planning for the things you don’t like to think about, such as what will happen to your family after you're gone.

At Capitec, we understand the pain that comes with losing a loved one, which is why we’ve created a funeral plan that puts people front and centre.


Why plan for the future?

It’s never easy to come to terms with the idea that we won’t be here forever. But remember that we will live on in those we leave behind. If you don’t put plans in place to protect your family’s future once you’ve passed away, you’re potentially exposing them to a huge financial burden in addition to the pain of loss. Death may be a subject many avoid, but if you’re prepared for it, you can make sure your family will be looked after.

For Elton Herridge, a Johannesburg-based husband and father of two, it’s important to ensure his family’s financial wellbeing, both now and once he’s gone. “It gives me comfort to know that I did all I could for my family financially and will provide for them even after I’ve passed away,” he says. “I’ve planned for this by putting a will in place, as well as various life insurance policies and investments that my family will inherit.”


Getting future focused

While such plans are highly recommended, the first step towards protecting your family’s future, both financially and emotionally, is to take out a funeral policy. With funeral costs estimated to range from R3 000 to more than R80 000, a funeral policy ensures that immediate money worries don’t add to your loved ones’ grief after you’ve died.

Providing peace of mind, security and comfort, a Capitec funeral policy lets you spend your time and money on what matters most: making lasting memories.

Planning for the future need not only focus on death though, it’s also about ensuring that you and your family will have enough to make the most of life. Getting future focused could also include:

  • Saving for retirement, which means you’re free to stop working later in life, safe in the knowledge that the costs of living will still be covered, with a few adventures along the way
  • Creating an emergency fund, so you have enough to cover the costs of unexpected events, from retrenchment to a pricey car repair
  • Raising capital to start a family business so you can leave a legacy for your children

Get a Capitec funeral policy and pay up to 30% less on premiums

A Capitec funeral policy covers up to 21 dependants (1 spouse, up to 4 parents, 8 children and 8 extended family members) all on one plan. By using the Capitec banking app to apply for a funeral policy, you’ll automatically pay lower premiums. Plus, you’ll be free to personalise your plan. Either you specify the number of people you want to cover, and we calculate the premium, or you tell us what you can afford, and we calculate the cover.

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