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    From share price to financials and corporate actions to the latest news, you'll find it all here.


    2015 annual report chapters:

    *What is Capitec’s approach to integrated reporting?

    *What does Capitec look like?

    *What are the key performance indicators?

    *What value does Capitec create?

    *What is the context in which Capitec operates?

    *What do the chairman and chief executive officer have to say?

    *What is the chief financial officer’s view?

    *What is our strategy and how do we lead?

    *What is Capitec’s integrated risk management process?

    *What is Capitec doing to give back?

    *What are the financial results for the year?

    Our latest annual report

    The 2015 integrated annual report is available to download. If you'd like to see annual reports from past years, please see the year by year breakdown of our financial results.

    The 2015 report reflects the value created by the business operations for all stakeholders and the measures in place to ensure that the business operations are sustainable into the future.

    Financial results 

    Our annual reports, audited results , financials and integrated results arranged and archived by year.

    Shareholder centre 

    Corporate action info, the latest share prices, dividend and payouts and stock exchange info.

    Bond programme 

    Download our Programme Memorandum or chapters thereof.

    Investor news 

    Get all the latest investor relations news and industry comments.

    Kings III Compliance

    Download our Kings III Compliance document, using the link below.

    Banks Act Public Disclosure

    Download our public disclosures in terms of the Banks Act, Regulation 43, using the links and archives below.